Construction team continues inspiring tradition at Memorial energy center site


Beacon Health System’s tradition of inspiring health joined Walsh Construction’s tradition of inspiring safety last month in a symbolic ceremony meant to promote safety.

On December 8, Walsh Superintendent Joe Livsey placed a Miraculous Medal in the first concrete pour of Memorial Hospital’s energy center addition. The medal features a depiction of the Virgin Mary and originated in Paris around 1830.

The medal serves as an inspiration for all workers to finish the job safely. It also symbolizes a commitment to care for both the company and its clients.

One of the country’s largest contractors, Walsh Construction has been placing Miraculous Medals in the first concrete pour of each project for more than six decades.

“The Miraculous Medal tradition is a part of our company’s culture,” Dan Walsh, Co-Chairman said. “It’s a bond that happens between all of the people that work at Walsh and our customers. It’s an intangible sign of respect between each other and serves as an inspiration to finish the project safely and successfully.”

Memorial Hospital associates thank the Walsh Construction team for its commitment to safety and look forward to the completion of this important project.

Superintendent Joe Livsey of Walsh Construction continues a time-honored tradition by tossing a Miracle Medal into the first pour of concrete for Memorial Hospital’s energy center addition.