The Memorial Hospital handbook: Tips for a smooth hospital arrival


Planning to come to Memorial Hospital of South Bend’s main entrance as a patient or visitor? We’re sharing a comprehensive guide that takes you from your doorstep to our lobby so you’ll know how to plan ahead and what to expect the next time you visit the hospital campus.

“Hospitals are pretty big places, and Memorial Hospital is no exception,” said Kara Strang, Director of Operations for visitor management and volunteer services. “We want our patients’ and visitors’ experience to be exceptional when you arrive and come through our doors. Our security, police and visitor management team members are here to help.”

Pardon our progress — Our new Patient Tower is taking shape

Work will be ramping up on the hospital’s new 10-story Patient Tower this summer. Ensuring everyone’s safety is a priority for our facilities, security, police and construction teams as the project continues through 2026.

“We welcome about 2,600 individuals at our main entrance every day,” Jason Stefaniak, Chief of Police and Director of Security, said. “The changes we’ve made at our main entrance driveway and inside our lobby are intended to maximize safety. We encourage patients to plan ahead and leave a little early for appointments at the hospital.”

View, download, print or share the guide below, including a Memorial Hospital campus map.

Visiting hours, Starbucks and some insider information

  • Did you know that Memorial Hospital’s general visiting hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Call 574.647.1000 for patient room information.
    • TIP: Mid-afternoon and early evening hours are the least busy times to visit during the week.
  • Starbucks is open every day from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the hospital’s main lobby.
    • TIP: Use the Starbucks app to order online and pick up your refreshments at the counter when they’re ready.
  • You’re not “bothering” an associate when you ask a question. And if you get lost or turned around at the hospital, any associate you see is happy to help you find your way.
    • TIP: Our team is always ready to help! Look for any associate wearing their Beacon badge if you have a question.

Before you leave home

  • Confirm with your provider’s office that you need to come into the hospital’s main entrance for your appointment. Your appointment may be at one of the buildings connected to the hospital instead!
  • Patients should bring their ID and insurance card as well as any other items as instructed by their provider. Visitors should bring an ID for our check-in process.
  • Plan where you are going to park. Free surface lot parking is available on the north side of Bartlett Street. There is an hourly fee to park in all Memorial Hospital garages. Learn more about walk-up payment stations and parking validation discounts.
  • The main entrance is the only entrance to the hospital accessible to scheduled patients and visitors. There are no public entry points directly into the hospital from any of the garages or medical office buildings on the campus.
  • Allow extra time ahead of your appointment. Consider how much time you may need to allow for traffic in the downtown area, parking, walking to the main entrance, completing check-in and admissions requirements and getting to your destination in the hospital.
  • Expect to wait in a short line to complete both a security screening and to receive a visitor pass. During the week, the check-in process is busiest first thing in the morning up until around 2 p.m.
  • Our campus is weapons-free; individuals may not bring in weapons. Everyone should be prepared to complete a walk-through security screening process at the main entrance.

You’ve arrived! Tips for driving and walking near the main entrance

  • Use caution, slow down and yield to pedestrians when entering the campus at W. Bartlett Street from the roundabout on North Michigan Street.
  • The hospital’s main entrance drive off of W. Bartlett St. is one-way traffic only. Enter at the west end of the lot and exit at the east end.
  • Look both ways, pay attention to posted signs and drive slowly around the main entrance drive. It’s easy for drivers and pedestrians to get distracted, so be careful.
  • Use the main entrance drive if:
    • You’re dropping someone off;
    • You’re parking in the surface lot in front of the hospital as an oncology patient or you have a handicap-accessible parking placard, or;
    • You are parking in the Bartlett Street Garage.
  • Walk on designated sidewalks only; do not walk in roadways.
  • Trucks and heavy equipment are in use near the main entrance as construction continues on our new Patient Tower. Please pay attention to this activity and follow all safety signs and instructions from our construction crew.

Step inside: Welcome to the main lobby

  • The lobby entry and exit doors are one-way to streamline foot traffic. Patients and visitors should enter through the revolving door. Use the sliding doors to the right of the revolving door to exit the lobby. Stanchions and signage are in place for guidance.
  • Upon entering, all patients and visitors complete a walk-through threat detection screening.
    • Simply walk through the device — you don’t need to remove coats or any personal items.
    • The system is ADA-compliant; wheelchairs, gurneys and other mobility devices can easily pass through.
    • Those with implanted devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators and replacement joints may pass through the device uninhibited. If there are concerns, officers can perform security wand screenings instead.
  • All adult visitors need to show a valid picture ID and receive a peel-and-stick badge to wear throughout the visit. Minors are allowed to visit and have a different screening process.
  • Masks are currently optional; however, masks could be required in some circumstances. Masks are available in the hospital.
  • If you need help getting to your destination in the hospital, ask our visitor management team. They can provide a map, a wheelchair to borrow or arrange a ride from the people mover. The people mover is an electronic vehicle accommodating two riders to first-floor destinations between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • The Admitting Office is located at the end of the main lobby, just past the Starbucks on the right-hand side.

Our team is ready to help