Dozens of associates, clinicians weigh in on hospital tower features and function


More than 100 associates and physicians from across Memorial Hospital contributed their expertise and ideas for the new inpatient tower during the design phase over the course of a year. The end result will be an exceptional new home for our dedicated teams to care for people in our community.

Special thanks to the individuals below for your contributions:

Beacon Health System

Jeff Costello, Chief Financial Officer
Mark Bralick, Executive Director, Facilities, Construction and Properties
Donald Gee, Manager of Projects and Construction

Memorial Hospital

Larry Tracy, FACHE, President
Karen Barnett, Board Member
Tomas Howard, BBA, LSSBB, Project Lead
Tom Jordan, CHFM, Director, Facilities/Grounds
Dale Patterson, MD, MS, Vice President of Medical Affairs
Sarah Paturalski, MBA/MSN, RN, Vice President, Nursing and Patient Care Services
Rachel Savoie, MSL, BSN, RN Executive Director of Nursing and Clinical Services
Debra Thompson, MSN, MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR, Executive Director of Surgery, Trauma and Pulmonary Services

Memorial Hospital
Physicians and Associates

Mark Allen
Albert Anderson
Jeanne Anderson
Candace Andresen
Gina Arsenault
Mark Berger
Jenee Bishop
Ann Black
Kelsey Boven
Amanda Brown
Jordan Brown
Christine Burlingame
Tracy Byler
Jonathon Bywaters
Christopher Chapin
Brian Ciesiolka
Erin Clark, MD
Christine Colpaert
Rodrigo Correa
Joshua Cousins
Raquel Cruz
Claire Cwidak
Marie DeStefano
Mindy Deubner
Jacob Downs
Faviola Duran
Kelly Eash
Ryan Enck, MD
Stephanie Fairres
Kimberly Garza
Violet Constance Geraghty
Amy Geyer
Jessica Gingerich
Katherine Goze, MD
Kelly Grall
Michael Grantham, MD
Amanda Groff
Kara Hafron
Sarah Hardman
Tiffany Hischke
Andrew Hoffmann
Jennifer Huff Bowersox
Sarah Hunyadi
Kamille Hutchinson
Lauren Huyvaert
Kelly Jolliff
James Jozaitis
Jodie Kalinowski
Benjamin Kern
Jody Kirk
Ian Klein
Justin Koenig, DO
Megan Koenig, DO
Matthew Koscielski, MD
April Kranz
Sarah Kuzmicz
Emily Lanier
Sara Lawler
Colleen Lawrence
Victor Lawson
Kim Lukens
Carla McMaster
Jaime Meahl
Daniel Mercado
Kayla Miller
Sarah Miller
Daniel Moore
Pamela Morrison
Cara Mueller
Constance Norris
Abigale Nunemaker
Lauren Nygaard
Destiney O’Konski
John Oudes
Mark Oyer
Deborah Pavey, MD
Leah Powell
Arthur Presley
Farah Rana
Rose Redding
Nicole Riordan, MD
Diane Robaska
Zachary Roberts
Alicia Rogers
Andrea Romig
Alexandra Ross
Teresa Rulli
Kalesha Savage
Ramey Seifert
Justin Singh
Kevin Slaughter, Sr.
Anthony Smith
Betsy Smith
Susan Smith
Eva Snyder
Ryan Sorrell, MD
Benjamin Stayton
Alicia Stepien
Carissa Stivers
Kara Strang
Randall Suttor, MD
Kyra Tatman
Alexander Tawadros, MD
Derek Taylor
Scott Thomas, MD
Michelle Thompson, MD
Jobie Thurin
Sandy Tobler
John Tomaszewski
Russell Toombs
Erin Walters
Darryl Watson
Jenny Weaver
Gail Weismann
Luke White, DO
Kristi Whiteman
Craig Whitfield
Lora Williams
Sharon Wilson
Hilary Witt
Melissa Yaciw