Memorial Patient Tower will add smartboard technology in patient rooms


Beacon will continue to keep pace with cutting-edge advances by adding smartboard technology in patient rooms in the new Memorial Hospital Patient Tower.

Hospital associates are currently viewing product demonstrations from a variety of vendors to choose the system that best serves both patients and clinicians. The new smartboard technology will replace the existing whiteboard and dry erase marker system inside patient rooms. This technology will improve the workflow of medical teams while keeping patients and their loved ones continuously informed.

“I’m excited for the upcoming smartboard technology because it will allow the staff to elevate the level of care provided,” said Melissa Heyveart, Manager, Patient Care Services, 3 and 11 South. “We will be able to personalize the boards to show pertinent information that both patients and their loved ones will need to know.”

Some universal features bundled within the new technology may include a live feed of a patient’s current medical providers, dietary restrictions and the estimated length of stay. The smartboards will be updated manually several times a day, giving medical staff, patients and their families the most current information.

“The new system will make it easier for patients to be involved in their own care as they will have up-to-date medical information in front of them,” Heyveart said. “It will streamline services and make caregiving more efficient for everyone.”