Construction timeline


Prior to construction of the new Memorial Hospital Patient Bed Tower, two key enabling projects must be completed: the Energy Center addition that will provide additional mechanical systems infrastructure, and the complete renovation of an existing Patient Care Floor (6th floor Acute Care). 

Timeline for Energy Center addition and 6th floor Patient Care renovation:

January 2022: Inpatient pharmacy relocation begins.
July 2022: Energy Center addition and Patient Care Floor renovation begin.
April 2023: Energy Center addition is complete.
July 2023: 6th floor Patient Care renovation is complete.

New Memorial Patient Bed Tower timeline:

January 2023: Start of site demolition.
May 2023: Begin demolition of existing structures to allow for new tower foundations.
June 2023: Start construction, excavation and foundations.
December 2023: Begin erection of structural steel.
July 2024: Start installation of exterior masonry and glass enclosures.
April 2024: Begin construction of the building interior; start on level one and proceed upward.
February 2025: Exterior enclosure is complete.
September 2025: Interior construction is complete.
October 2025 to March 2026: Mechanical and electrical systems startup and validation.
April 2026: New Patient Bed Tower is complete.

Updated: October 2022